Designing for The Creative with Noelle Mena
Websites for Artists


From Finding Your Artistic Voice to Showcasing a Lifetime Body of Work. 


  • Websites
  • Portfolios
  • Store Integration
  • Offer On- Your -Site Courses
  • Branding Everywhere!
  • Print Work

Designingfor You, The Creative.


Our materials are Your Art, Your Vision and My Extensive Assemblage of Knowledge and Know How in Web & Print Design & Development.

With these Layers we Create the Glue which is Your Content that holds this all together.

We Prep it. Apply the Layers. Secure it.


Together, You. Are. Ready.

Your Website is A Personal Impression of You.

At the same time, it should never take away from your work.
It’s your house, but we want people to look at the Art on the walls!
Artists today are mixing up  mediums more than ever & delving into alternative material to create with. 

But when it comes to your website, we work with what is Tried -and- True.

Organized. Optimized.
Easy to Navigate. Captivating.

Whether you want to focus on sharing Your Art or sharing Your Process.

Whether your goals are to turn your art into a business or simply share with the growing community of Artists today’s technology has brought together.

Think, what is next for me?

For My Art?


Wherever you are, wherever you want to go,

I’ve been a Web & Print Designer & Developer under my company MenaVision  and served dozens of clients the past 4 years. I have started this new division just for Creatives.

Let’s take the next step together.

Let’s Get Started.

I’m doing This work so You can do Yours!










  I don’t just step along side you for the moment! I put video tutorials for you in the backend of your website covering from teaching you how to use your site to setting up & running your own courses on your site. Got. You. Covered.



Shaping Your Brand. It’s the start. From sharing your art through blogging to Creating a Portfolio for your Hobby or Business.  Offering Online Courses right from within your website. SNAP! On Site Store Integration. Being set up across the Platforms with your branding. Having the tools you need & the tutorials to use them. Read Details…


Print is Not Dead! 

Business Cards for all those Creative Retreats you either attend or teach. Brochures and Stationary for reaching out to include your art in someone’s business.Thank You cards to include when you ship out product… NOTHING should go out of your Studio without Your Branding On It! Read Details…


I am Here for You 

I started this branch of my business because I love working with Creatives. I am a Creative. I will be your sounding board, teacher of new things & offer Monthly Maintenance for all of your technical needs. You don’t need to deal with those! Do what you do & I’ll take care of this.

Read Details…

If you want something to happen you have to make time for it.

I am a Savvy Web Designer & Mixed Media Artist wrapped into a comfy night owl. I’m in a new season in my life & embracing every moment. Trying new things and reaching for the good ole faithfuls too! Design is a huge part of my life. The tiniest details of inspiration. I feed off atmosphere, it will either energize me, relax me, or exhaust me. Effecting me physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Let’s Design for YOU! The Creative. I want to meet you.

Noelle Mena Web Designer for Creatives | Artists

Noelle Mena Web Designer for Creatives | Artists

Let’s Take Your Creativity Public

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