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LearnDash-Course from Designing for The Creative*This Course is Free for Clients I have set up LearnDash. Clients be sure to ask me for admission.

What an Amazing Decision you made! You decided to Offer Your Own Courses right from within your website. Way to Go! I have it all ready for you to go in and set up your first course.

In this course I will walk you through Setting Up Your Course through working with the statistics and forms in the backend.

Depending on how we set up for you to get paid for your courses, I have added a video on adding your course as a WooCommerce Product to be offered in your store like I have it set up here.

This Course is for You. No one else has permission to use your login.

If you have someone who you will be allowing to Offer Courses from your site (which, yes, you can do! How awesome) Then they will need to pay to take this course. Then they will know how to set up their own classes on your site.

Remember though, You as the owner Admin of your site always has the utmost control of your content… and theirs.

Note that this Course does not go into creating a course in the sense of how to use video, or edit your video etc. This is for the backend of your course.

I do plan on adding that course though soon.

If you have seen some of the other Courses on this site, know that this course is made up of Videos I have done myself. I have been doing video online for the past 7 years. I use them everyday with my clients. They will not auto update as I am not a machine! But should there be any significant changes to the plugin I will certainly come in and add new videos. 

You look Dashingly Ready!

Off with you!



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