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Stop! Don’t Post that Picture!

Even creatives can optimize pictures to use on their site. Whether it is your own art or an image you took or found, make sure it looks at home on your site.

Enter… PicMonkeyPicMonkey

I am a designer, I use Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom.
I also use PicMonkey.

It’s so easy, right in my browser for quick and well done edits.

Just the right frame. The best lighting to create the mood you are looking for. Add overlays, and text. Focus, Blur, effects to bring out what you vision for the image to match your post or page.

Did you know Google loves Images? They can work a lot in your favor when people are searching. So make them look their best and be sure to name them well too!

Note that this class is made up of tutorials done by me. I might add in some directly from PicMonkey just so they are compiled here in one place that you can access 24/7/. No having to search for it!

This is a Free class for anyone who wants to join in!

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You can see a Sample Lesson by clicking on the Using Text Lesson.

Enjoy! I will update as more tutorials come out.

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Course Materials

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