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SEO-Course through Designing for The CreativeIt Matters!

Yes, the sign says Search ENGIN, but that kind of cracked me up after I realized it and SEO is usually no fun, so I left it. But SEO, it does matter. A lot.

We have worked hard creating a website and designing the branding.

You need to take that same amount of time and learn a bit about SEO.

What is the point to have the site if no one comes. Now mind you, sometimes a site is a place to refer people from offline. Especially for Creatives. Online traffic might not mean a thing to you. But if it does, you take such simple steps to drive that traffic right through your creative door.

This course focuses on SEO through using the YOAST Plugin which if I created your site, it is there. If I didn’t, go get YOAST and install it before you begin.

This course also gets all up and into setting up and using Google Analytics. Yes analytics starts with anal and most people get stuck right there. It is not the fun part of your biz. But if you are setting up for business, you should stick around for those lessons at the second half of the course.

This Course if Free for My Clients. Please ask me for your coupon code if I have not added you.

These Videos will Auto Update along with any changes to the topics including updates to the YOAST plugin etc. You have lifetime access to this course.
*All Terms and Conditions for Courses Apply

You can Always see the Course as a whole broken down through Topics by choosing to Expand All over the Course Content Below. I have left the “Reporting Overview” Topic open to be Previewed for you to get a feel.

Although you can move sporadically through this course, I do suggest you do it in order. You can always access the course 24/7.

Alrighty then !

Go Forth!



Course Materials

*You should have the YOAST plugin installed although you can learn a lot even without having it. It is a Free Plugin, so why not grab it. *You will need to create your Google Analytics Account, but this course will show you how.