Creative Consulting

I take Creative Consulting very seriously. You have come to me because it is important to you. So it is now important to me.

I have always been a Visionary. I have a gift of seeing the bigger picture and how to optimize where you are now to get to where you want to be. I want to encourage you to elongate your vision, and stretch yourself.

You have some kind of inkling for an idea, a desire, a calling, a business or a ministry or you would not be wanting to do a Creative Consult with me. I can assist you in pounding that foundation to make it solid and able to support the rest of your Vision.

Through my experience of working with Online the past 7 years I have had the opportunity to do this with so many. Listening to them and then sharing the resources they may have not considered. Connecting them to others that could assist them in a way I cannot. Assessing their presence online to make sure it is speaking to their audience and getting their voice heard.

Brainstorming happens 24/7 in my head. I have ‘input’ on everything and anything. I cannot help it. I am not criticizing, I just ‘see’ how much more something can be optimized. I love seeing a commercial or a brand that has nailed the marketing slogan and then they build around it. I get so excited. I know, crazy. I am not even part of their process. But I can recognize in a moment if something is going to work or not. It amazes me when huge brands get it so, so wrong. Does that mean you or I will always get it right? No. We will always face challenges, make mistakes and hopefully learn and grow from them.

Let’s Brainstorm. Hunker in.

For your Presence Online
For Ideas on how to get your message out to where you want it to be heard
Product Ideas
Reaching Your Audience
Design for your site
How to get you out of a rut with your message
Looking for Resources to use.
Hit me with anything. If I do not think I can assist you, I won’t take you on as a client
When you submit for a Creative Consult I will ask you some simple questions so I know whether or not I will be able to assist you.

Creative Consulting is $50 for 30 minutes. $75 for an Hour

I will send you notes from our session for you to refer back to as well.

*This can be applied toward a full web package if purchased within 30 days.