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What’s your type? It’s time to narrow it down. Time to be relatable. Be real. Be you. Are you…

Wild and Free?

Wild and Free |

Tall and Lean?

Tall and Lean

Sassy and Bold?

Sassy and Bold

Loose and Curvy?

Loose and Curvy

Organic and Raw?

Oragnic and Raw

Playful and Girlie?

Playful and Girlie

Clean and Fresh?

Clean and Fresh

Typography say’s it all!

As Creatives the typography we choose to represent us on our websites, across social media, & on our packaging represents the personality of our brand. It’s speaking for us. We bring a lot of images to the brand in the form of our art itself. More than not, our logos will not even have images associated with them. It will be the typography and how it is used that will make up the majority of your logo and then flow into your website and across all of your branding.

The typography you pick will frame your art. It should show off your art. It should look at home next to your art. Not struggle to find its fit.

Today, there are more fonts to choose from then ever. Not to mention most fonts today come with 4-6 versions. Adding swashes, alts, thin versions, alt thin versions, etc. I am a fontaholic. So you don’t have to be. I am not downloading free fonts, I am buying fonts and the license to go with them. With every new client I have them go through my Nail It course here on my site. I have an entire section where they narrow down their description of what they want in their typography. Then I prepare a sheet with like 20 different fonts showing their brand name. This helps us to narrow in on the real feel we are looking for. You have to see your brand name in the font. You can’t just pick it because it came through pinterest.

Your key letters should look amazing in your font. There is so much more than just “picking” the font. It is then getting the placement and saying, “Does this still work?” There is a good chance you will have 2 fonts that you work with that compliment each other and to best capture your brand.

If you have a website that you just have your name or your sites name at the top, it’s time to think about what type you are. If all you can do is start with a header image that has your name or brand name in amazing typography, then that’s your next step. Back in 2007 when I started an online magazine where at one time there were 48 women contributing a month to, I wanted beautiful script titles. That was not possible back then by adding code. So for every, single title, I created an image of the title written in beautiful script. I then uploaded it as the image that it was, yes! I loved it!!

Today, I upload the “web versions” of my clients fonts to their hosting and then set them to render when my clients choose to use one of their “headings” in formatting their posts. I also set them to pull in for Titles of their blog posts, sidebar titles, etc for that fluid feel we want with our branding. Makes it so simple for my clients to use their typography where ever they want. I also teach them how to use it through PicMonkey so they add it to graphics they make for upcoming courses etc. (I have a free course here on site for how to use PicMonkey)  🙂

If you need another route, you can pick from Google Fonts, Typekit or Font Squirrel and others. These won’t give you the complete freedom to use ANY font you want, but they will give you choices.

It is time to get font up. (it’s the only f word I use) But I do believe in it!

Maybe you can’t do a total Re-Brand or Branding Package but you can simply start with a header or banner that you can have at the top of your site, facebook page, business cards. Represent. Contact Me.


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