Monthly Maintenance

  • Yes, you probably hear about the need to continue ‘taking care of’ your WordPress site.  It is true.

    But it is also the most versatile CMS Platform out there to carry you and your dreams as far as you want to take them. So try and remember that. You have invested in yourself, and may I just say, you are worth it!

  • WordPress has to be Maintained. Content & Theme BackedUp, Plugins Updated.

    I add Premium Plugins that I have Developer’s License for to your site to Protect, Update, Back Up and even Restore if ever needed.

Hackers get in. Spyware Happens. Malware Happens. Passwords get Compromised. Vulnerabilities set in when anything on the web is not updated. The #1 reason websites get hacked is for outdated code. You cannot prevent all the scenarios, but you can protect yourself so that your site can be returned to it’s previous state. IF you have a Back Up System and are Maintaining your site.

You protect your home, your cars with insurance.

Think of what you have invested into your website.

Time. Money. Energy. It needs protection to.

WordPress does Updates often because they are always making it better… and filling in security breeches. This also means the awesome people behind all the plugins we use are also updating their work. Someone needs to come in and keep your site updated.

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    Update the WordPress Install

    We always want to Update to the Latest Version of WordPress

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    Update the Theme

    Updating the Theme we used & keeping my license in place for updates. It is crucial to know that it is safe to update the theme for compatibilty.

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    Update any Plugins

    Same for Plugins. Premium Plugins used with my license and kept updated for compatibility.

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    Back Ups & Restore Files

    I use Back Up Buddy on all of my clients sites as we work on them. As a MM client, Back Up Buddy remains on your site under my license & I will schedule regular Data and FULL Backups (includes design) in my cloud based secure service. This also comes with the capability to Restore an entire site as well as move it to another site or hosting.

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    Premium Security Measures

    Premium Plugins under my License are added to your site for the utmost in protection.

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    Updating Payment Issues

    Credit Card on file for Hosting or Renewing your Domain changes? No need for you to figure out how to login and update. I have you covered. *Note that as said before though, you always have complete access to every single type of login.

*The cost of these plugins is mine and included in your MM as long as you are on the program.

*IF your site actually gets Hacked… Repairing it is not included in this maintenance package. This is all preventative. If it actually gets hacked or something makes it go wildly array, I can lead you to someone to fix it using the BackUps I make for you. Then if there is any further repair for the Design end, we will discuss a quote.

**If your site was not designed by me, or if I designed it over 4 months ago and you did not sign up for this package, there will be a fee for me going in and bringing it up to code. Then it will go to a monthly recurring schedule.

To Begin The Monthly Maintenance Program…

Submit the First Payment Below and then return to Fill Out the Form below the payment. Depending on your browser you might have to return to the page manually to complete the form. This will open so you can pay through PayPal. It is a Recurring Monthly Payment.

*NOTE if you are a SIMPLE CREATIVE – Fill out the Form and then purchase here.

Then Please Submit the Form below.

It includes Agreeing to The Terms and Conditions of this Program explained on this page as well as my site wide Terms and Conditions.