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My Basic Jammed Packed Web Package!

Support Every Step.
Access to my Courses.

Read More about it here if you have not.

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So what is in the Basic Package for The Creative’s?
The Basic Package is Loaded with all below!

  • We start with a 30 minute Creative Consulting Session to see where you are and where we are wanting to go.
  • I start Our Shared Online Document where I will keep all of important info going forward. You will always have access to this and should. You will always be in control of your content, hosting, domain.
  • Domain: Using your Domain (like is a domain) if you do not have one, I will set one up for you.
    • Your account will be at Godaddy, and you will always have full access.
  • Set up Hosting
    • I do it for you using your information so you do not have to. Again, you will always have full access.
  • Installing WordPress
  • Installing the theme base that I am a developer with to customize your site just for you!
    • Note- I have added The X Theme to my work. I simply love what can be achieved with this theme. The configurations combined with me altering it makes it the most versatile out there! This site’s foundation is X.
    • We will choose what is best for what you want your outcome to be.
    • For Completely Custom we will not use X, email me to discuss that as that is not in Basic.
  • Your site will be Responsive!
    • This means it will adjust across devices, such as different sized computers, ipads, iphones, smartphones and tablets.
  • Installing Plugins that you will need to keep your site Optimized and Secure
    • Security is just beyond huge online today. We want to create layers of security for your new investment.
    • We want the goodies that Plugins provide too! Like Extra ways to leave a comment. Sharing buttons for sharing content all over the web. Adding forms to your contact page, keeping SPAM at bay.
    • You will know which we will use after our Creative Consult.
  •  SEO, including all Permalinks, Meta Tags for your site as a whole.
    • This is not for page by page, post by post. This is for the site as a whole as said above.
    • You will continue to do your own SEO per to your added content. Learn how in the Website 101 Course that is included as a client of mine.
  • Creating a Custom Header
    • Using Images you provide or after we talk,  you and I will work them together to create something unique that you relate to. As a Creative you probably want to use some of your work in the branding. We can work with Custom Graphics & Typography to build around it.
    • I will also Optimize this same header for your Facebook Page if you have one.
  • You get to decide if you want a ‘Landing Page’ as the front of your site or if you want your actual ‘blog’ latest posts as the main page.
    • Sample Landing (note the ‘blog’ is in the navigation, Danielle called her blog, WORDS) |  Sample Blog as Main Page  (The Blog is the Main Page, it brings in the latest posts)
    • Think of a Landing page if you want to have a slideshow of some of your art and then images or links that lead to other sections of your site or even off your site to keep people where you are.  
  • Create Custom Widget Titles to match
    • Everything goes together! Unless you like it messy! Widgets are ways to bring in extra fun, important info to the sidebars and footers on your site.
  • Use Google Fonts to dress up your Titles.
    • I also own the rights to a lot of Web Fonts not available through Google Fonts. We might picked one of those. You can also purchase a web font through Type Kit and we use it both on site and in your graphics.
  • Color Scheme for all of your site
    • You can even send me an image that you simply LOVE the colors in. I can create a pallet for you based on it. We will pick the best 3 and then make sure we have a grounding color to make it all tie together.
  • Create these pages to get you started. You send me the ‘copy’ or ‘words’ that go on these and I will add them. (content)
    • Home, About, Contact, Blog, Portfolio (If you have ‘outside’ links that you want in the Navigation, no problem too!
    • No worries if you want more pages. You can add them on with me, or use the lessons in the free Website 101 Course I provide with and you add them yourself.
  • Set up your Blog so you can blog from within your site
    • This includes you giving me up to 7 categories for your blog. (more than that is not best for your site)
      • Homework for you is to try and have some blog posts ready to insert before we open! It makes your unveiling that much better. It will look empty without.
    • I will add a ‘sign up’ for your blog in your sidebar so people can get on your latest blog post list.
  • A Widgetized Sidebar/Footer
    • Pick to bring in your latest Pinterest Pins, Instagram Posts, Tweets etc.
    • You can even show off some of your Art
  • I will add your Social Icons to lead others to where you are on other platforms.
    • and a little favicon that shows up in the browser. Like you can see mine on the tab my site is open in now.

As a Client of mine you get free access to Courses for Using your WordPress Site and any other features that were included in your package. That ROCKS! You will not be like, where do I go now!! It’s all here for you. Anytime you need it. 

This is The Basic Package!