Google Business Apps


Using Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc for your Business or Brand email address.

Stop it. Just stop it. Now. Mercy. Who can take you serious?

Enter… Google Business Apps account with Your Domain




Creating a Google Business Apps account with Your Domain  | $75

  • This will create your email account for your Domain. Such as
  • This will allow email alias’ such as
  • Your Calendar for your Domain, Create Online Documents, Forms, Spreadsheets, and more and access anywhere, anytime.
    Share content with others or keep private.

    1. Note: This is a paid service to Google. It is $10 a month or you can pay by the year. I have used it for 7 years and could not do business without it. Read More about it here.
    2. You get access to all tutorials in the Free Course here on site.

*Must have access to your Hosting Account & Your Website (domain)