Hello Creative! I Support You!

Support for your Artist WebsiteThat’s Fabulous. What a way to move Forward.

Once we begin working together, something will happen. It happens every time with my clients. Maybe because I truly immerse myself in each one of them no matter what it is we are working on. Up until this new division of my business, my clients have been extremely diverse. Yet, the immersion still took place. Or should I say, is still taking place. As each one of them are still my clients. They are all on my Monthly Maintenance Program. They all have come to me each time they need a new mini project added on, or even a total renew on their site because it’s been over 3 years! Yes! That just happened. How wonderful. I love staying part of your journey because you were also picked to be part of mine.

During the Initial Process we will have a lot of contact. A lot.

Communication is Crucial for Any Relationship.

So we will have lots of it.
When you work with me it is so much more than you saying exactly what you want. Unless you do know exactly what you want!

We Bounce and Brainstorm. Ideas. Visions. Explorations.

All Part of Our Journey to Getting You and Your Creativity Public.

 I keep my client QUEUE tight. So YOU never feel squished.

What about after we are done setting up your site?

I have a Monthly Maintenance Program that covers you like a comfy, warm, security blanket. So you can rest easy. I highly encourage you to read it and be ready for it 40 days after your site opens.

Beyond the Monthly Maintenance Program, it will depend on what type of support you need. I set up Custom Support Packages based on your needs beyond the MM. So it is as simple as telling me what those needs will be.

Adding Your Content for you? To your Blog, Your Store, Your Portfolio, Your Courses, yada yada…

Having Creative Consults about something new you want to include and need help putting the pieces together.

Just let me know. We will create a custom monthly maintenance program just for you.

Here to Stay with You!


*Note that you do not have to be a Design Client to get on my Monthly Maintenance Program or for Support.