Grand Opening Offer!

The-Simplest-Sale for The Simple Creative

I have been in business for 4 years over at but this Division is Brand Spankin New! So! I need YOU to help me build my Portfolio here at Designing for The Creative. Read through below then go see 2 demos I did using the Simple Creative.

That means you get a RIDICULOUS price if you are a Simple Creative. 

That won’t last long!

*For all of my other Website Packaging, head here!


What is Included?

  • I Use a Template

    Using your hosting (I can set it up) and WordPress. I use a Template of mine to get us off to an amazing beginning. Simple Steps, have a site you love up and ready to work for you!

  • Header for you site!

    We use your art or a beautiful image to create a beautiful header with your name & your tagline. *See Sample Site link below.

  • We will Dress Up Fonts

    Using Google Fonts we will Dress Up your Titles and Heading. I will send you to see Google Fonts and pick. Of course, I will advise based on your desired end result. *Set on a different font? Talk to me.

  • I Create Pages

    I will create Your Home Page, Contact Page, About Page, Blog Page. See Sample site below.. including Demo 2 as well.

  • Blog Set Up

    Pick 5 Categories for me to set up for you to post to. I will add Sharing Buttons and Connect your site to JetPack through WordPress to Unlock some goodies for you to use.

  • Access My Courses Here!

    Even as a Simple Creative you get Full Free Access to any of my Applicable Courses right here on site that will teach you how to use your site. Courses being added all the time with Tips and Takes on tools that will serve us as Creatives.

  • Add on to it later?

    YES! We can Build on to this site when ever you are ready. Or, if it's all you ever need, you are set too!

Click to go to Sample Site!

When you get there, stay with demo one that you land on and go all the way through the site before clicking on demo 2. Demo 2 is the same using different style.