Using Audio on Your Site

I use audio a lot. Thankfully WordPress makes it quiet simple to use audio anywhere on your site. Above, under the froggie, is a sample of an image with audio that is hosted off site. You never want to upload your Audio files directly to your website. It will bog down your site trying to host all that information. The sample above is hosted at Amazon Simple Storage. It is so cheap! I have used it for like 6 years and I tell you I make a lot of videos. I host all of my clients backups on it as well. My bill every month for that hosting has never been more than $1.50. And that is high! So I upload the audio which is quick and then use that URL to use as the ‘source’ of my audio. That is what is playing above.

*Make Note: Make sure the file is made public inside Amazon Simple Storage. A Private URL will not play or be able to be downloaded etc. Because of course, you should host all your files there instead of on your site.

Excellent way to do your own podcast from your site.

Another way is to use SoundCloud. This is a sample embed using SoundCloud…

How Fun is That?

Making audios does not have to be hard. Of course you can get a great microphone, and software. And maybe you should if you are taking to putting out a formal podcast. I use the voice memo on my iPhone. Like ridiculously. I communicate to clients and then have reference of what I send. I like that. I love to talk, I do not love to write things out. There are apps to make your voice sound so professional too, right from your iPhone or iPad. Or you can just go in your bathroom like I did above.

Have some fun! People love to hear the emotion in your voice instead of trying to read between the lines all the time. 


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