Look What We Can Do!

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Websites-Look-what-we-can-do- Designing for The CreativeYou are a creative.

No matter what your medium is, you love to create. Now you want to share it with the world.  

You know you need a website.

You see the importance of getting yourself out there. Maybe to promote your art as a business or maybe just because you cannot contain it and want to share! Both are important and there is no reason, either or both cannot be a reality.

Where to start?

I offer a basic package for creatives and then you can add on anything beyond that. I try to keep it simple so you can do what you do best. My basic package is so jammed packed you might find it is absolutely all you need. The awesome thing is, the website I create for you will grow with you. So no worries to incorporate things you do not need yet. You can come back and get them ala-carte when you are ready. I also put together The Simple Creative for those that have a very limited budget or need to start out slowly. Or maybe it is simply all you need! 

Knowing you want and need a website is different then actually making all the decisions of what should be part of your website. I will be with you all the way through the process. Starting with Listening. See where you are at. We set goals and then start stepping towards them. Your website effects everything.

I get it. It’s a new venture.  As creatives, we want our sites to not compete with what we create. It’s time to position yourself to enable the doors to open that you are longing to walk through. Your website plays a huge role in those doors unlocking. It has it’s very own responsibilities. To make you and your art look AMAZING! To capture your audience, invite them in and keep them with ease of use.

We will never be finished anyway! You will change over time. So your website will need to change if it’s going to stay relevant to who you are! So you better get started! It’s a good thing we start on a CMS Platform that will carry you no matter how much you change. *CMS is content management system, I know it gets geeky. I am a quirky mix of madness. In a good way. 

When your site is up and running, I don’t make a run for it. And neither will you because as a client of mine you get Free Access to My Courses right here on this site for everything you need to work with your site. Website 101 Course, is loaded and always up to date on running the backend of your site. Using Woo and LearnDash teach you how to use your store and courses. I also give you access to ‘extra’ classes on SEO and Tutorials I think will help you a long your journey. You will always have access to them.  Anytime. 24/7. Want to see how one works? Here is a Course on Using PicMonkey that is Free for Everyone, client or not.

Now I said this was a long page. I don’t like to mess around. I like it all out there so we can put what you need together and focus on getting started. Simply contact me with any questions!

Now Just Click the Different Tabs Below to see some breakdown. 

So what is in the Basic Package for The Creative’s?
The Basic Package is Loaded with all below!

  • We start with a 30 minute Creative Consulting Session to see where you are and where we are wanting to go.
  • I start Our Shared Online Document where I will keep all of important info going forward. You will always have access to this and should. You will always be in control of your content, hosting, domain.
  • Domain: Using your Domain (like DesigningforTheCreative.com is a domain) if you do not have one, I will set one up for you.
    • Your account will be at Godaddy, and you will always have full access.
  • Set up Hosting
    • I do it for you using your information so you do not have to. Again, you will always have full access.
  • Installing WordPress
  • Installing the theme base that I am a developer with to customize your site just for you!
    • Note- I have added The X Theme to my work. I simply love what can be achieved with this theme. The configurations combined with me altering it makes it the most versatile out there! This site’s foundation is X.
    • We will choose what is best for what you want your outcome to be.
    • For Completely Custom we will not use X, email me to discuss that as that is not in Basic.
  • Your site will be Responsive!
    • This means it will adjust across devices, such as different sized computers, ipads, iphones, smartphones and tablets.
  • Installing Plugins that you will need to keep your site Optimized and Secure
    • Security is just beyond huge online today. We want to create layers of security for your new investment.
    • We want the goodies that Plugins provide too! Like Extra ways to leave a comment. Sharing buttons for sharing content all over the web. Adding forms to your contact page, keeping SPAM at bay.
    • You will know which we will use after our Creative Consult.
  •  SEO, including all Permalinks, Meta Tags for your site as a whole.  
    • This is not for page by page, post by post. This is for the site as a whole as said above.
    • You will continue to do your own SEO per to your added content. Learn how in the SEO Course here for free. Also all of my other courses that are free for clients including learning everything about using your new WordPress Website in  Website 101 Course.
  • Creating a Custom Header
    • Using Images you provide or after we talk,  you and I will work them together to create something unique that you relate to. As a Creative you probably want to use some of your work in the branding. We can work with Custom Graphics & Typography to build around it.
    • I will also Optimize this same header for your Facebook Page if you have one.
  • You get to decide if you want a ‘Landing Page’ as the front of your site or if you want your actual ‘blog’ latest posts as the main page.
    • Sample Landing (note the ‘blog’ is in the navigation, Danielle called her blog, WORDS) |  Sample Blog as Main Page  (The Blog is the Main Page, it brings in the latest posts)
    • Think of a Landing page if you want to have a slideshow of some of your art and then images or links that lead to other sections of your site or even off your site to keep people where you are. 
  • Create Custom Widget Titles to match
    • Everything goes together! Unless you like it messy! Widgets are ways to bring in extra fun, important info to the sidebars and footers on your site.
  • Use Google Fonts to dress up your Titles.
    • I also own the rights to a lot of Web Fonts not available through Google Fonts. We might pick one of those.
  • Color Scheme for all of your site
    • You can even send me an image that you simply LOVE the colors in. I can create a pallet for you based on it. We will pick the best 3 and then make sure we have a grounding color to make it all tie together.
  • Create these pages to get you started. You send me the ‘copy’ or ‘words’ that go on these and I will add them. (content)
    • Home, About, Contact, Blog, Portfolio (If you have ‘outside’ links that you want in the Navigation, no problem too!
    • No worries if you want more pages. You can add them on with me, or use the lessons in the free Website 101 Course I provide with and you add them yourself.
  • Set up your Blog so you can blog from within your site
    • This includes you giving me up to 7 categories for your blog. (more than that is not best for your site)
      • Homework for you is to try and have some blog posts ready to insert before we open! It makes your unveiling that much better. It will look empty without.
    • I will add a ‘sign up’ for your blog in your sidebar so people can get on your latest blog post list.
  • A Widgetized Sidebar/Footer
    • Pick to bring in your latest Pinterest Pins, Instagram Posts, Tweets etc.
    • You can even show off some of your Art
  • I will add your Social Icons to lead others to where you are on other platforms.
    • and a little favicon that shows up in the browser. Like you can see mine on the tab my site is open in now.

As a Client of mine you get free access to Courses for Using your WordPress Site and any other features that were included in your package. That ROCKS! You will not be like, where do I go now!! It’s all here for you. Anytime you need it. 

This is The Basic Package!

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Yes! An easy way to organize just your Art.

Add a Portfolio to The Basic Package.

*IF you have a special scenario and ONLY want a Portfolio Site, please contact me to discuss ways we can achieve that.

*OR IF you already have a website and want to Add a Portfolio, again, please contact me to discuss ways we can achieve that.

Otherwise, to add on a Portfolio to the Basic Package…

  • A Portfolio for you to Showcase your Work
    • There are many ways to do a Portfolio. Most include the idea of some kind of masonry grid that loads up your latest posted work and then a way to lead people to your past work through categories and search-ability.
    • You want to be able to easily upload and choose to write about the work and people share it. You can even choose to have a button on the item to lead to where it is for sale. Or where it sold. Which of course, both should be right there on your site store of course if your goal is to sell your work.
    • IF you find a theme on that you were drawn to, I can suggest a yay! or nay! as there are reasons to stay away from some. Otherwise this is me creating it for you.

IF you purchased the Simple Creative, then you can also add a Portfolio onto that package here.

Have you been using an outside store set up?

Why lead people away from your site? Keep them coming home!

Full Store Integration on your site. WooCommerce is my go to but have other options as well.

*Have something you already want to integrate? Just tell me and we can discuss!

Sell your Art right from your website. Through your Portfolio, you can choose to make it link to the same item For Sale in your Store. Your store is categorized anyway you want it to be. I will add your first 10 items along with set up of your store. You will then be able to add on for me to do more or you can watch the lessons on how to use your store in the applicable Course here on site for free.

Ongoing Store Maintenance can be arranged for after we complete your package as well as it is not included in the regular Monthly Maintenance Program.

*You Get Free Access to my course, Using Woo, right here on site. It is available 24/7. 

Let’s Talk….


Yes! I LOVE this part!

Want to share your Process? Teach others? Have others come in and Teach from Your Site and Grow Your Audience (and the money in your pocket) at the same time?? One time set up, endless courses.

Offering Online Courses on your site is the way to go. By visiting my site “The Creative’s Classroom” and doing the PicMonkey Course or Sample Course.

I include setting up the backend with your colors to be used throughout every course. I set up the ability to offer your classes. We set up a mini course to get all the branding right. Courses are set up by Courses, then Lessons with or without Topics. There are so many options in the Course Set Up!

*Note: Courses can be sold right through the set up or we can integrate it with WOO Commerce. Setting Up the Store is separate unless included in your Custom Package.

  • Offer Free or Paid Courses
    • Offer as many Courses that you want.
      • *Assign Someone Else to Offer a Course
        • Have Complete Control of Your Content
          • Use Video, Audio, whatever you want in your courses. 
            • Drip content or have it all available at once in the given course
              • Stats on where your students are and what is being utilized
                • Even offer Quizzes!
                  • Have Students Upload Assignments/Homework
                    • You decide how a student Progresses. Decide if they have to complete an lesson before heading to the next or not.
                      • Use the Comments already in place on the site to communicate or email direct.
                        • Every Student becomes a member of your site. They can view their Course Profile as well as their Site Profile at anytime.
                          • Payments for Courses are Set Up through Your Store
                          • And More! Just Ask me!

                            *Extra Plugin needed for assigning a user to be a teacher


                            a la carte to Optimize Your Business or Hobby!


                            These are Add On Services for Anyone who needs them… These are all listed in The Shop as well under a la carte.

                            1. Business Cards |  Most  $50 for Design Clients otherwise $75 – $90

                            I use OverNight Prints and create the file to upload, and then they ship directly to you.

                            If you are a Design Client, as I have your editable files of your graphics to optimize for your print needs.

                            If you are NOT a Design Client and I have to create your cards from scratch (no graphics to pull from) the cost will be determined upon seeing your info.

                            If You are Not a Design Client, you need to Provide the images or I create them. Or if you own the images on your site branding, I can grab them and create by integrating them. (You Must have permission to use them)

                            I will send you samples of the cards, with 2 Revisions.

                            Payment to OverNight Prints is done with the payment method you provide me with. They will be ordered through an account I set up for you there. You will be able to reorder as needed.

                            Creating a Google Business Apps account with Your Domain  | $75

                            • This will create your email account for your Domain. Such as Noelle@Noellemena.com
                            • This will allow email alias’ such as Contact@Noellemena.com  Mentoring@Noellemena.com
                            • Your Calendar for your Domain, Create Online Documents, Forms, Spreadsheets, and more and access anywhere, anytime.
                              Share content with others or keep private.

                              1. Note: This is a paid service to Google. It is $10 a month or you can pay by the year. I have used it for 7 years and could not do business without it.
                              2. You get access to all tutorials in the Free Course here on site.

                            Adding Wufoo Forms  |  $50  (extra $20 per form)

                            • I love Wufoo! I have used them for over5 years. They are highly customizable, reliable, and they deliver!
                            • I will design your Form in every way.
                              1. The Fields of your form. The Layout & Design. The Notifications. The Delivery.
                            • I will embed it on your site.
                            • You will have access to the Wufoo Tutorials in the Free Course here on site.

                            Adding the ability to have your PodCast integrated with your site. $200 (Contact me if you are not a Design Client)

                            1. This can be added into any web package.
                            2. You can see an example at Lisa Shaw Cares here: http://lisashawcares.com/the-whole-woman/radio/

                            Adding E-commerce (A Store or selling from your site) $275 (Contact me if you are not a Design Client)

                            1. Again see an example here: http://lisashawcares.com/store/ or http://moderndayprincess.net/shop/ (WOO)
                            2. There are many details, Options, etc for your store.
                            3. Items can be added on different pages and different Payment Gateways such as Paypal or Authorize.net
                            4. I add the Categories and first ‘ready’ 10 items at the time we start.
                            5. You will have Free access to the Course here on adding more items. Or hire me to continue.

                            Adding an Event Calendar to your Self Hosted WordPress site  | $100.00

                            1. Design Clients Only unless I approve.
                            2. A lot of Flexibility here. Is best to contact me with what you are looking for so we can decide which way to go & price.

                            Adding a Slider with Images or Content to your Self Hosted WordPress site  | $100 and Up.

                            1. This is up to 5 Images. You Provide the content (Quotes, Info that leads to other pages on your site or just images)
                            2. A lot of Flexibility here. Is best to contact me with what you are looking for so we can decide which way to go & price.
                            3. You will have access to the Free Course to Update your Slides or Hire me to.

                            Custom Header  | Starting at $100

                            I can do a Custom Header no matter what you use for your site. If it is not WordPress, I need to know the Dimensions to work with.

                            If your site exists already we need to match the size to your theme. These will all be done after you submit the info.

                            Custom Graphics Such as…  *Starting at $50

                            *depending on if I am creating from scratch or not

                            1. Facebook Cover, Facebook Timeline, Twitter, Youtube, Etsy, anything you need a Graphic for.
                            2. You provide the images. If any need to be purchased, you pay for the images to work with.
                            3. Anytime you already have any graphics to start with from a site, it will be cheaper for me to work with.
                            1. Need an Ad Graphic?   | Pulling from Your Graphics $75  | Custom Created Graphic from the Start  $110
                              1. Includes 300×200 and 125×240 static banners and a 125×125 button
                              2. Or tell me the size you need for Quote.
                            Contact me for a Consult. We will need to see your set up and have access to the back end to quote you. It must be a Self Hosted WordPress Site.

                            Get you Set up on Mailchimp (first 2000 subscribers = FREE)

                            Add a Subcribe Form to your site, add your Branding to your Mailchimp Forms, Create a Template for you to send your emails from!

                            AND! Complete Free Access to my Course here on site to walk you through using.


                            Too Much Info for you?

                            Just Contact Me and we will figure it out!



                            $ 1000

                            • Jammed Packed Features Listed Above!
                            • Support Every Step
                            • Access to my Courses
                            Buy Now!