You’re Branding has a Voice

Whether you meant it to or not, your branding is talking about you. There has never been a time when we have been more bombarded with images like we are today. Tools right in our pockets that 10 years ago took entire computers or huge, heavy equipment. Anyone can create a good picture. Ouch. As Creatives that sounds personal. The pictures I am referring to are what you are using in your brand. Not your creative master pieces or works in progress.

Unless you truly only started a website to post your work and thoughts for fun and no other intentions, you need to get intentional. To Grow and As You Grow you need to create a fluency that follows you everywhere you go. Online and Offline. Let them recognize you.

Can’t my art speak for itself?? Absolutely. But how are you letting it speak for you? How are you using your images to reach through your blog posts, your course offerings and not just your portfolio?

I put together my Free Course for anyone on How to Use PicMonkey so you could learn to work with your images. Create on purpose. Create your style online just like you have off. Maybe you create jewelry. Instead of showing just a pair of earrings, even if the shot is lit up just right, create a collage of different angles. Add some text using your FAB font of course. Of Course.

It does not have to be difficult and time consuming and you will see the difference, when you look at your site. You will start seeing consistency and a style that sticks with your readers. Creating a Template is smart. Then you can upload it each time to work with. Having a workflow that you follow. You can even take an hour and brainstorm your next 5 blog posts and go ahead and do all the images at once.

Here at Designing for The Creative, since I used watercolor in my logo and throughout the site, I really wanted to show more of who I am. So I added in a bit of grunge.

Grunge-Designing-for-the-Creative-NOBG copyI am very eclectic. When it comes to everything. I have no favorites of anything.

So I did not want to give off the vibe of pastel watercolors as my sole choice of color scheme. There is definitely an edge to me. I love my edge and I do not want it hidden. Did I need to add it into my branding? No. Only if I was ok with my branding speaking that I was only into watercolor. Does that make sense??

Branding is not one image. It is how all the images go together. When it came to my blog posts and pages I knew I could take advantage of making them stand out a bit different to expand the feel of my brand. It takes a little bit of time to nail something different and that speaks what you want. So I went transparent, used animals because I love them even though I am allergic to most. I wanted to add shape so I decided to cut out the animals into circles. Then I use my brand font, Frost, to fill in all the text. Of Course.  Also took the opportunity to use my grunge style watermark above at the bottom of each image. I love my header/logo, but that would compete ridiculously on other images. I could have chosen a transparent version of just my Designing for The Creative as my watermark, but I wanted to cease that opportunity. The results so far are…

I love them all! They are so me. Win.

I have a stash in a folder of a ton of upcoming images of animals to use. I see some changes I want to make right now looking at them as a group. I will start using the watermark on the bottom of the circle in each image. Because as I see them as a group as I write this, I like that better. I won’t change this post to reflect that, but I probably, no I will change them where they are on the site!
How fun and Pinnable are those?

I want you to feel that way about your posts. Both on your site and social media. In everything you do.

Give Your Branding The Voice you want it to have. 

Resources: Using Pic Monkey Course (free) It also has a TON of links to free image sites, fonts etc. inside.

Do you have a website already but no real branding? Let’s Get Busy, just Contact Me.

Stay Tuned for learning how to Optimize Your Images for your blog and site.


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